DreamVille Tomorrowland 2017 : Mansion, Cabana, Easy Tent And More

DreamVille Tomorrowland 2017 – Accommmodation:

Tomorrowland music festival takes care of all the people who come unite at Tomorrowland and create memories with Tomorrowland for the whole life. Tomorrowland makes special arrangement for the stay of people and provide them several options of a delightful stay at Tomorrowland event site.

Tomorrowland Dreamville

What is Dreamville??

The accommodation at Tomorrowland is called Dreamville, it is a vibrant city that welcomes 38,000 festival visitors after an excellent day at Tomorrowland. It is a place in Tomorrowland where people from more than 200 different nationalities come together to enjoy, it is a place where international friendships are made, where the People of Tomorrow eat, sleep, live and especially enjoy their 5-day experience.

In Tomorrowland dreamville there is a market with food stands from around the world, a butcher’s shop, a tea house, a fresh bakery, a supermarket, BBQ areas and even a real hairdressers and make-up salon where the Angels of Beauty will give you a makeover.

Tomorrowland Dreamville

How to purchase DreamVille Tickets??

You can only purchase a DreamVille ticket in the form of a DreamVille Package or a Global Journey Package. The DreamVille Packages are a combination of a specific type of DreamVille accommodation and a Full Madness Regular or Comfort Pass. The Global Journey Packages let you choose a Travel Package that includes one of the various DreamVille accommodations.

  • A DreamVille Package or Global Journey Package (incl. DreamVille accommodations) gives you access to DreamVille and Tomorrowland during the whole weekend.
  • The choice of your DreamVille Package guarantees you a campsite on one of the camping grounds. It is not possible to reserve a specific spot. (Unless you have purchased a Friendship Garden Package for 10 people.)
  • The different DreamVille Packages/accommodations: The DreamVille Magnificent Greens Package is valid per PERSON and not per tent. The Friendship Garden and spectacular Friendship Garden Packages are valid for 10 people. The Easy Tent Package (2 people/4 people), Spectacular Easy Tent Package (2 people/4 people), DreamLodge Package, and Spectacular DreamLodge Package are valid per TENT. The Relax Room and Cabana are valid per room.

Tomorrowland Easy tent

Tomorrowland provide you following 11 options to stay at the place, now it depends on your pocket how much you it allows.

  1. DreamVille Magnificent Greens (1 persons)
  2. DreamVille Magnificent Greens Tent Package (1 or 2 persons)
  3. Friendship Garden (10 persons)
  4. Spectacular Friendship Garden (10 persons)
  5. Easy Tent (2 or 4 persons)
  6. Spectacular Easy Tent (2 or 4 persons)
  7. Relax Room (2 persons)
  8. DreamLodge (2 persons)
  9. Spectacular DreamLodge (2 persons)
  10. Cabana (2 persons)
  11. Mansion (12 persons)

DreamVille Magnificent Greens

In this package, you have to bring your own camping gear and you can pick your own spot to set up your own tent. You will have access to the marketplace and you can enjoy the sport facilities or the entertainment programmes.

If you don’t want to carry tent all the way from your home. You can opt for tents at Tomorrowland. When you arrive at DreamVille you can pick up your 1 or 2 person tent with sleeping bag and air (double) mattress at one of the DreamVille entrances.

Tomorrowland 2017 magnificient Green


  • Access to DreamVille Magnificent Greens – 5 days
  • Access to Tomorrowland (Regular or Comfort) – 3 days
  • Access to The Gathering
  • Access to DreamVille Marketplace
  • Free use of DreamVille sport facilities and entertainment
  • Tent Package : 1 or 2 Persons Tent, (double) air mattress, 1 or 2 sleeping bags

DreamVille Friendship Garden

You can go for Friendship Garden package if you want to stay with your friends. In this option, you will receive a dedicated spot in a reserved camping area with a private shelter to gather and share experiences.

If you want more comfort, you can also go for better version of Friendship Garden called Spectacular Friendship Garden in which you will also have 30% of extra space, lockerbox and DreamVille chair for everyone. You and your friends will have access to The Gathering’s exclusive VIP deck in this package.

Tomorrowland Dreamville Friendship Garden


  • Your private friendship Garden area
  • One Tomorrowland/DreamVille Friendship shelter per group
  • Use of separate sanitary facilities for Friendship Garden visitors
  • Access to DreamVille Friendship Garden – 5 days

DreamVille Relax Room

Relax rooms are for the people who wants to experience vibrant life of Tomorrowland without loosing comfort. In this package, you get personal lockable rooms that include 2 fully equipped beds, light, a personal power outlet, a clothing rack and access to separate sanitary facilities. On top of this you can also enjoy all the facilities of “The Montagoe” which includes catering, a separate bar and restaurant, massage possibilities, etc. This package is valid for 2 persons per room.

Tomorrowland Dreamville relax rooms


  • Access to your own lockable Relax Room
  • 2 fully equipped beds, 2 chairs, Interior lighting, A Clothing rack
  • A Personal power outlet
  • Free use of separate sanitary facilities only for Relax Room visitors
  • 24 hour reception staff
  • Access to The Montagoe – Relax Room chill out zone

DreamVille Easy Tent

If you don’t want to carry around a lot of luggage, then enter DreamVille in a relaxed way without any tent. You can opt for limited edition Tomorrowland tent with inflatable Tomorrowland air mattress, DreamVille sleeping bag and a small light to make it cosy.

Tomorrowland easy Tent 2017

For more comfort, go for .Spectacular Easy Tent with elevated wooden floor, DreamVille relax chair, locker and a power outlet. The easy tent comes in four variations as follows:

  1. Easy Tent for 2 persons
  2. Spectacular Easy Tent for 2 persons
  3. Easy Tent for 4 persons
  4. Spectacular Easy Tent for 4 persons


  • A Limited edition Tomorrowland/DreamVille tent
  • A Tomorrowland air mattress per 2 persons
  • A DreamVille sleeping bag for each person
  • A DreamVille Night Light, mirror and lock per tent
  • Use of separate sanitary facilities only for Easy Tent visitors
  • Access to the DreamVille Easy Tent Community – 5 days

DreamVille DreamLodge

This package is for the one who wants to do camping but without sacrificing any luxury. You will get  spacious, luxurious tent with comfortable bed and mattress, a fluffy eiderdown, locker, an individual USB outlet in every tent. You will also get extra storage space and a spacious terrace with comfortable chairs and a table.

Tomorrowland 2017 Dreamville Dream Lodge

f you want some extra space then go for Spectacular DreamLodge Package. This personal DreamLodge living room comes with comfortable couch, a fan and a locker. It seems perfect when it rains or if you want to escape the hot sun for a while. You will also have access to The Gathering’s exclusive VIP deck. The DreamLodge package and Spectacular DreamLodge package is valid per tent of 2 persons.


  • Access to DreamVille Magnificent Greens – 5 days
  • Access to Tomorrowland (regular or comfort) – 3 days
  • Access to The Gathering
  • Access to The DreamVille Marketplace.
  • Free of cost, sports facilities and the entertainment facilities

DreamVille Mansion

For the ultimate luxurious accommodation, go for the Mansion located in the countryside still near to Tomorrowland site. All visitors can sleep in a fully equipped bed and in the bar you will find a filled fridge and an espresso machine waiting for you. It also offers separate sanitary unit, private lounge terrace. You can also choose room service, a butler, massage service, etc. at an extra cost. One Mansion Pack is valid for up to 12 people.

Tomorrowland Dreamville mansion


  • Access to your own mansion with private garden
  • Fully equipped bedrooms
  • Private bathroom & Terrace
  • Filled fridge
  • Access to The Montagoe
  • 24 hour reception staff

DreamVille Cabana

DreamVille Cabana is the ideal blend of camping and comfort. You will get two comfortable beds with soft duvets that will ensure a good night’s sleep. You can sit on your own Cabana terrace, in your DreamVille relax chair, and enjoy nature’s peace and quiet. It also provides locker, atmospheric lighting and a power outlet. It also grant you access to The Montagoe, an oasis of rest and relaxation that allows you catch your breath. This package is for 2 persons. The DreamVille Cabana Package is valid per tent.

Tomorrowland Cabana


  • Access to your own lockable DreamVille cabana
  • 2 fully equipped beds, Interior lighting
  • An individual power outlet per DreamVille Cabana
  • A locker in your DreamVille Cabana
  • Cosy outdoor chill out furniture
  • 24 hour reception staff
  • Free use of separate sanitary facilities only for DreamVille Cabana visitors
  • Access to The Montagoe – DreamVille Cabana Chill out zone

Tomorrowland DreamVille FAQ

We know you may have some doubts regarding Tomorrowland Dreamville. So, we are posting down below some of the general questions that you may have in your mind regarding Tomorrowland Dreamville.

What is the Check in time at DreamVille?

Tomorrowland Dreamville opens a day before the event start date. So, you can start entering Dreamville on Thursday at 11:00 am and not before that. Then on Friday, you can check-in at any time. There willbe no check-ins on Sunday with restrictive check-in on Saturday.

Please note, one more thing that you need to check out the Tomorrowland Dreamville by Monday 12h00.

What is DreamVille party? – “The Gathering”

“The Gathering” is an opening party or warming up party, which takes place a day before the event starts. This party is basically organized for letting people at Tomorrowland to interact with each other and get mingled up.

You can attend “The Gathering” party only if you have a valid DreamVille package from any of these: DreamVille Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden, Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Cabana or Mansion.

Are Trailers allowed at Tomorrowland DreamVille?

No, Tomorrowland does not allow trailers at the DreamVille parking. And if you get one then you have to pay for it as a second car.

What is the maximum size of tent that I can bring?

There is no restrictions on the tent size at Tomorrowland Dreamville. You can bring a tent as big as you want, as long as the surface of the tent is used for the number of people who fit in the tent. For example, a big tent capable of accommodating 6-7 people is not a problem, provided 6-7 people would be staying in that tent. But if you get a big tent which is sufficient to accommodate 6 people but only 2 people are staying then the Tomorrowland camping site would be too small to accommodate everyone.

Are Mobilehomes or Caravan allowed at Tomorrowland DreamVille?

Tomorrowland does not allow Mobilehomes and caravans at the DreamVille campsite nor at the parking. So, you will not be able to park caravan at parking site.This is so because it is against Belgium rules. In Belgium it is strictly prohibited to camp in public places. If you set up your caravan or camper along the road, you will be towed. So please, leave them at home and enjoy the camping at Dreamville.

We hope you loved to know about Tomorrowland 2017 Dreamville. If you have any query, suggestion or information about Tomorrowland music festival, then please comment down below instead of mailing us as it is difficult to reply to every single person. Thank you for your love. We love Tomorrowland. You can checkout following links to know more Tomorrowland Music Festival.