Tomorrowland Music Festival 2017 : Amazing And Interesting Facts

Tomorrowland : Amazing And Interesting Facts

Hi… people of Tomorrow, today we are going to list down some of the amazing and interesting facts about Tomorrowland music festival which will compel you to attend Tomorrowland Music festival 2017 and all other up coming editions of Tomorrowland. There are some amazing stories and facts about Tomorrowland which will reveal that Tomorrowland festival is such an amazing place to where people come just to enjoy and live life.People come to Tomorrowland music festival to live some of the happiest moments of their life and cherish them forever. Here, below are some of the amazing facts about Tomorrowlannd that we are talking about.

Tomorrowland 14th Edition in 2017

Tomorrowland music festival is going to celebrate it’s 14th Edition in 2017 with more excitement and preparations. The theme for Tomorrowland 2017 has not been decided yet, but it is going to be declared soon. Tomorrowland festival celebrated it’s 13th edition in 2016 and the theme was “the Elixirs Of Life”.

Tomorrowland Love

Tomorrowland For Free – Are you kidding me???

There were days when tomorrowland music festival was free and anybody could attend it. In 2005, when Tomorrowland was started in order to promote Tomorrowland music festival, the organizers ID&T were giving away free passes to Belgium locals just to fill up the festival. In 2005, the festival showcased performances from some amazing DJs like Chuckie, Armin Van Buuren & Ferry Corsten. During that year, the organizing company ID&T incurred loss of around €150,000.

Tomorrowland Inception

Don’t Mess With Tomorrowland Arts and Attractions

Tomorrowland organizers spend a lot of money to make Tomrrowland event place more attractive and alluring and if they fine someone messing or destroying those art works, that person is right away kicked out of Tomorrowland festival premises.

Tomorrowland 2016 Statue Tomorrowland 2016 Attraction

Tomorrowland – A Special Place for David Guetta

David Guetta is the only producer to have performed at Tomorrowland  music festival right from the first year and so he has got a special place for  himself created in the heart of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland David Guetta

Tomorrowland Festival : A Strict No To Drugs

Tomorrowland music festival follows a strict and extreme ‘no drugs’ policy. And before you enter the festival grounds, you are respectfully asked to be rid off all your illicit substances, without any consequence. But if you are caught using within the festival gates, well, you’ve got to pack your bags and leave the festival premises then and there.

Tomorrowland No drugs

Tomorrowland Church Of Love

In Tomorrowland music festival there is an interesting place for the lovers called Church of Love. It is reserved for long term lovers, recent couples and new friends. From the sources, we have come to know that once in the proverbial love shack, attendees can find a bed, condoms and cleanup tissues, designed to be used for sex. Couples are left in privacy for sometime to have some fun. I am sure this will definitely be an attraction for some of you. There is no restriction on love, play and enjoyment in Tomorrowland.

To know more you can see Tomorrowland Church of Love.

Tomorrowland Church Of Love

Tomorrowland – The Lazer Show Nightmare

In one of the edition of Tomorrowland music festival, two Tomorrowland attendees suffered bleeding in their eyes due to the high intensity lasers that were being used to enhance the festival effect. The two lodged a complaint against ID&T, who were wary enough to cite the Dutch laser show organizers (who they had hired) as responsible for this mishap. All charges on ID&T were dropped.

Tomorrowland Lazer Show

Tomorrowland Tickets Sell

In 2012, an influx of users were trying to buy tickets right as they went on sale, but they were unable to do so. The ticketing company Timoco that was in charge of the online distribution for the Tomorrowland festival tickets couldn’t handle the traffic. Now, Tomorrowland has switched from Timoco to Paylogic after that incident.

In 2013, regular tickets to Tomorrowland were reportedly sold out in just one second. This one might be known to fans if they tried to buy tickets, but it’s still mind-boggling to think about.

Tomorrowland ticktes Sold Out

Tomorrowland Festival – The Secret Tunnel

For the  first time time in 2013, the Tomorrowland team dug and finished a  tunnel running all the way under the stage to the tech booth, over 100  feet and several thousand people away (at the festival’s height) to home  certain wires which are responsible for the functioning of the Main Stage.

Tomorrowland Tunnel

Tomorrowland Unite

The organizers of Tomorrowland introduced a concept “Tomorrowland Unite – The Mirror To Tomorrowland”. In Tomorrowland Unite, a live connection is made from Tomorrowland to many different countries to unite the people of Tomorrowland. In Tomorrowland 2015, only 2 countries were united by Tomorrowland which were India and Mexico. In Tomorrowland 2016 a live connection was made on 23rd July 2016 from Tomorrowland Belgium to 7 other countries which are: Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel. A live video connection of was made between Tomorrowland Belgium and these 7 countries to unite the fans of Tomorrowland music festival.

Tomorrowland Unite

Tomorrowland Festival is Organised on Farmer’s Land

Tomorrowland hosts it’s festivals after renting grounds from 20  different local farmers who welcome the festival organizers with open  hands and waving the Tomorrowland flags.

Tomorrowland sky view

Tomorrowland 2012 Hosted Highest Ferry in Europe

The Brussels Airlines Cloud Rider reached as high as 60 meters in the sky, which was perfect for any daredevil attendees. This must have been an awesome place to view the festival from. You can see it on Tomorrowland Highest Ferry.

Tomorrowland Highest Ferry

Tomorrowland 2014 Rave Cave

While Tomorrowland is known for its big-ass naturalish main stage arena, the festival in 2014 featured 14 other stages. One of the most special locations is the tiny tunnel located somewhere in the middle of the festival grounds, with a capacity of just about 100 people. You can watch video on Tomorrowland Rave Cave.

Tomorrowland Rave Cave

We love to give more facts about Tomorrowland Music festival, we hope you like to know about Tomorrowland. If you know something more about Tomorrowland music festival, please comment down below or share your Tomorrowland experience. You can also look for the following:

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