Tomorrowland Music Festival : The Gatherings, DreamVille, Global Journey And More

Tomorrowland Music Festival :

Hi People of Tomorrow, today we are going to make you aware about some of the terms that we use for the features provided by Tomorrowland. We can say in other words that we are going to explain some of the keywords of Tomorrowland Dictionary today, seems some jargon right??? Please do not worry, they are not too hard as technical jargon. You will feel amazed after knowing some of the very attractive things about Tomorrowland. Hope you enjoy reading this article.

Tomorrowland Music Festival : DreamVille

Tomorrowland really take care of the People of Tomorrow. So, Tomorrowland makes special arrangement for the stay of people and provide them several options of a delightful stay at Tomorrowland event site and so arrange accommodation for people of tomorrow. This accommodation at Tomorrowland is called Dreamville, it is a vibrant city that welcomes 38,000 festival visitors after an excellent day at Tomorrowland. It is a place in Tomorrowland where people from more than 200 different nationalities come together to enjoy.

Tomorrowland Dreamville

You have following amazing and stunning options that Tomorrowland Dreamville provides.

  1. DreamVille Magnificent Greens (1 persons)
  2. DreamVille Magnificent Greens Tent Package (1 or 2 persons)
  3. Friendship Garden (10 persons)
  4. Spectacular Friendship Garden (10 persons)
  5. Easy Tent (2 or 4 persons)
  6. Spectacular Easy Tent (2 or 4 persons)
  7. Relax Room (2 persons)
  8. DreamLodge (2 persons)
  9. Spectacular DreamLodge (2 persons)
  10. Cabana (2 persons)
  11. Mansion (12 persons)

You can know more about Tomorrowland DreamVille.

Tomorrowland Music Festival : The Gathering

After you arrive at Tomorrowland DreamVille site and put up your tent. Tomorrowland music festival arrange a welcome party for People of Tomorrow to kick off the weekend with an amazing open air party, called – The Gathering. In 2016 Tomorrowland festival 25,000 DreamVillers went out of their minds at this massive open-air party. This is the best time when people from  different corners of the world meet each other and get ready for the next three days of madness. he mesmerizing setting, the overwhelming music and the warm feeling of togetherness will make sure you will never forget the start of this unique summer weekend.

Tomorrowland 2017 --- The Gathering

The Gathering is free for every DreamVille guest but it is not free for people who have tickets to Tomorrowland events only. The Gathering is offered to people who have bought DreamVille packages & Global Journey packages.

Tomorrowland Music Festival : Global Journey

Global Journey is the official travel of Tomorrowland which offers people of Tomorrow who come from every corner of the world to unite, travel and get life time experience which they can cherish all their life. Global Journey wants to give you a unique experience by taking you on an unforgettable journey that will create memories that last forever. Global Journey indeed make your whole Tomorrowland experience much better. In Global journey, you get the chances to visit many places or countries in Europe.


Down below  we have mentioned the packages provided by Tomorrowland Global Journey.

  • Travel Packages
  • Hotel Packages
  • Discover Europe Packages
  • Friendship Travel Packages

To know in detail about each of the above Global journey package, you can check on Tomorrowland Global Journey.

Tomorrowland Music Festival : Tomorrowland Unite

Tomorrowland Unite – The Mirror To Tomorrowland is a concept of Tomorrowland in which a live connection is made from Tomorrowland event site to many different countries of the world to unite the people of Tomorrowland. In Tomorrowland 2015, only 2 countries were united by Tomorrowland which were India and Mexico. In 2016 a live connection was made from Tomorrowland Belgium event site to 7 other countries which were: Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, Germany, South Africa and Israel. In 2017 also, there will be Tomorrowland Unite again, details yet to be finalized.


There are many more terms related to Tomorrowland music festival about which we will be updating you soon. Till then keep checking out our website for more details and have a good time. For any query or suggestion, please comment down below. You can also know about the following.

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